Welcome to Downtown Island Airport (DKX)
in beautiful East Tennessee

~ A professionally managed general aviation airport providing exceptional customer service,
reasonable rates and a relaxed user-friendly operating environment ~

2701 Spence Place, Knoxville, Tn 37920 ~ 865-577-4461


DKX hosts several Airport based tenants that provide

a range of aviation related services including:

Aircraft Maintenance and Repair: 

Flight Choice, Inc. provides "on field" maintenance and repair services 865-379-8234  


Flight Training: 

Knoxville Flight Training Center
provides single-engine flight instruction training and services 865-573-8359


Charter Services:

Action Air Charter provides Air-Charter services 865-386-1976

Flight Choice, Inc. provides Air-Charter services 865-379-8234

Smokey Mtn. Charter provides Air-Charter services 865-388-5031


Knoxville County Sheriffs Office - Aviation Department           865-577-7193

Remote Area Medical (RAM)  - 865-579-1530

Airport Services

Let us know how we may assist you by calling 865-577-4461

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