Drone Operations

General Information

The Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority, in keeping with FAA guidelines for drone operations, provides information to ensure the safest possible environment for both manned and unmanned aircraft. Drone operations on airport property are not permitted. In order to request permission for drone operations within 5 statute miles of DKX, please review the information below.

Hobbyist Operators

Before requesting permission to operate a drone within 5 statute miles of DKX, please review the following:

Drone operations in the departure paths may conflict with manned aircraft. After reviewing the provided information, if you feel your drone operations fit within the guidelines, please contact DKX management (drones@tys.org) for approval.

Commercial Drone Operations – Part 107

An FAA waiver is required to operate in the Class E airspace surrounding DKX. Commercial operations, in the Class E airspace that extends upward from the surface with a 5 NM radius of the airport under FAR Part 107, must complete the FAA process for approval. DKX management does not provide approval for commercial drone operations.

5 NM Radius Satellite Illustration

5NM Radius – FAA VFR Sectional Chart

Additional Information

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