DKX Construction Update

The Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority is scheduled to begin a renovation of the facilities at DKX in late 2023 until late 2024. These renovations are not projected to interrupt operations at DKX at any time. The updates will include improvements to the terminal building and entry gate to modernize DKX.

The experience of our tenants and pilots who utilize DKX is of the upmost importance to MKAA. These updates will improve the user experience at DKX to highlight the general aviation destination DKX is for Knoxville. More information about the schedule of the renovations will be made available here.

June 21, 2024

TDOT will be performing an Airfield Pavement and Marking Maintenance project at DKX starting July 9th, 2024. This will include all areas within the airport fence except the Runway and main Taxiway “A”. The project is expected to take approximately 5 weeks to complete (weather permitting).

The project will be broken up into 9 phases, each phase will be closed to all aircraft and vehicle traffic for a short period of time averaging 4 to 5 days while the work is completed and the asphalt surfacing/sealing cures to allow being reopened to aircraft and vehicles. We have worked to try and phase each work area to minimize impacts and closure times as much as possible to each row of hangars and aircraft parking areas, but access to hangars and parking areas will at times be affected.

All vehicles, items and aircraft will need to be relocated from each parking area prior to the scheduled dates for each area. Phasing and specific closure dates are included in the attachment being sent by email to all Everbridge users. The dates indicated are subject to adjustment due to weather and other factors.

Please feel free to contact the DKX front desk (865-342-3181) with any questions regarding this project.

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